Wednesday, November 24, 2010

London Calling Festival 2010: Warpaint, Tame Impala, Wavves

London Calling is a festival at the Amsterdam Paradiso that takes place twice a year. This edition i went there on the Saturday (it's Fri-Sat) to see only 3 bands: Warpaint, Tame Impala and Wavves. Me and my friends didn't bother to watch bands this time at the small stage upstairs; we just stayed downstairs and chilled a bit between the bands.
And all the reviews afterwards on various sites and blogs prove that we made the right choice, because these very 3 shows were ranked as the best the festival had to offer this time.

I'd seen WARPAINT earlier this year at the Walk The Line Festival in Den Haag, on a very small stage. Now they have their debut album out (The Fool) which is quite good - but their live show was even twice as good. I think the main difference is the drums: on the album they're present alright, but live, it's Stella who keeps the whole machine going and going. Together with Jenny on bass of course. Mad props for her Minor Threat sticker on the back of her instrument by the way.
To cut a long story short it was a fabulous show. You can check for yourself: 3voor12 has a streaming video online of their complete set!
And here are some pics i made, including the setlist:

Next up on the main stage were TAME IMPALA. Also these kids have released a very good album (Innerspeaker) and i was really looking forward to see them live. And boy were they good! Definitely the best show i've seen for quite some time. Very impressive.

Some vids i made:

And some pics as well:

WAVVES were the last band of the evening and it was great seeing them live as well. Messy, extremely loud, in-your-face surf punk. They lit some blunts, passed them around to their sounds guys and the audience, and then after the first song it became stagedive galore. Also this complete show can be watched on streaming video at the 3voor12 site.

Here are my pics, again including their (arty) setlist:

A great edition of London Calling, this one. Will be very hard to top this. Next chance is in April, and ticket sales have just started.

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